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Family Stories – Getting Past Overwhelm

It’s not uncommon to draw a blank when thinking about writing (or videoing or slideshow-ing, or audio-ing) family stories. This is true whether thinking about an ancestor’s life or your own. My best advice is to find one story – just one – and begin.

This family story idea is about capturing something from a trip. It could be one you took alone, it could be a family’s migration story, or it could be a family outing. Let me show you how I captured a trip memory – and hopefully inspire you to do the same.

The Citadel – One of My Heaven-on-Earth Spots

In northern Arizona you’ll find an historic site called Wupatki. It’s north of Flagstaff, and southeast of the Grand Canyon. Within the site are several Anasazi-era ruins; some aren’t open to visitors, some aren’t marked on a map, and some are close to roadways within the site.

At Wupatki, my favorite site is called the Citadel. It sits atop a small hill and has never been reconstructed to look as it might have when still occupied. In one direction are the San Francisco Peaks – the sacred peaks where the Kachina live – and in another a vast plains. While there, if you look carefully, you can see several ruins from the top of the Citadel. This photo was taken standing on top of the ruins looking out across the plains.

family story - travel to arizona

My sister, Vicki, and I have gone to Wupatki more times than I can remember. There’s something about it that pulls us back time-and-again. Here’s Vicki standing in the hilltop ruins. I remember sitting down on a pile of stones on one of our trips and telling her that I could sit there forever. There’s a sense of peace atop that hill that I’m hard-pressed to find elsewhere.  When we travel again this fall, I’m pretty sure we’ll return, yet again, to Wupatki.

vicki at wupatki

A Story Can be Simple and Short

As you can see, my story wasn’t lengthy nor was it complex. It simply related a brief moment of time that was important to me: Here’s a place I love and here’s why.

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