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Stone courthouse Putnam County Missouri

One of my most fun-filled genealogy trips was the one to the Putnam County, Missouri, courthouse. (Courthouse pictured above). My sister and  I dug through pages and pages of our great-great-grandfather’s probate records, finding more than we ever hoped. I only wish I had known a bit more about courthouse genealogy before taking the trip.

The good news is, now you can get the education I didn’t, thanks to a valuable courthouse genealogy bundle. Priced at only $49.99 (vs. $269.94), the Genealogy Courthouse bundle includes:

  • Courthouse Research Crash Course Web Seminar Download
  • The Family Tree Sourcebook E-book
  • Courthouse Research Tricks and Tips Video Download
  • Mastering Genealogy Research in Court Records Independent Study Course
  • Using Criminal Court Records Web Seminar Download
  • Researching County Courthouse Records

So many genealogists now rely exclusively on finding information online that they’ve forgotten the thrill of going through original documents. If even only once, I highly recommend taking a genealogy trip to an ancestral courthouse and digging in!

My sister and I were in the courthouse attic on a VERY hot summer day but it didn’t take away for an instant the joy of holding that probate in our very own hands!

Purchase the bundle today and save more than $200 (if items purchased separately).

(Yes, the photo above was taken during our trip. It’s of the Putnam County, Missouri courthouse)

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