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Have You Seen the New Edition? It’s a Keeper!

My latest book, Unofficial Guide to, Second Edition is now available both in print and digital formats. This  book is for anyone who has an subscription, regardless of experience level.

Updated and expanded with new chapters, the Second Edition delves even deeper into the collections with tips on saving time by avoiding irrelevant search results, focusing instead on the best collections for success.  In addition, you’ll find tons of new information on Ancestry’s DNA program, including how best to use DNA results in your own research.

The book contains 272 pages of valuable information – a perfect gift for yourself or a family member who wants to maximize their subscription.

Read genealogy speaker Thomas MacEntee’s review.

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The Accompanying Workbook

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If you’ve ever wanted to look over an expert’s shoulder, then you’ll definitely want the Unofficial Workbook.

In the Workbook, I take readers step-by-step through real life searches, showing how I approach research challenges, even those that seem impossible. You’ll learn

  • The seven most important record groups on, plus tips to navigate AncestryDNA and use DNA test results in your research
  • Step-by-step case studies showing how to use to find ancestors and solve research problems
  • Fill-in worksheets and forms that let you apply the book’s techniques to your own research
  • Detailed, illustrated tutorials that put those strategies into practice

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If You’re a U.S. Genealogy Researcher

Unlock new records in your family history research by understanding the historic events of your ancestors’ eras. This quick and convenient pocket guide outlines the major political, military and social events in the United States from the colonial era through 1940. It also includes immigration trends and census dates to help you narrow your research focus and find genealogy records faster.

Use The Genealogist’s U.S. History Pocket Reference to find:

  • Timelines, charts, quick lists and maps of major events.
  • Popular foods, songs and books of each era.
  • Timelines of wars and other military events.
  • Dates for federal, state and special censuses.
  • Immigration data including major ports and countries of origin.

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