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Remembering Michael Shore Genealogy

Who Was Michael Shore? A Brief Life

Michael Shore, b 1738, is one of my Shore (Schur, Schor) ancestors – the ones who lived in Switzerland but came to America on board the Ship Sandwich, captained by Captain Hazelwood. The family landed in Philadelphia and were part of the “Pennsylvania German Pioneers”.

However, all I have really been able to find about Michael is that he was born in 1738, in Muttenz, Switzerland, the son of Friedrich Schor and Margaretha Schneider. To date, everything that I’ve been able to find points to a 1738 death date.

I double-checked my precious book: Ancestors and Descendants of Frederick Shore, and sure enough my 2nd cousin who authored the book detailed Michael’s birth and death date as 1738, no additional information given.  Sadly, he died before the family came to America.

I have to say that their home in Switzerland sounded lovely, as Friedrich rented the orchard and vegetable garden behind the house from the City of Basel.  Today, Muttenz (Swiss German: Muttez) is a municipality with a population of approximately 17,000 in the canton of Basel-Country in Switzerland.

Muttenz Coat of Arms
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