Letters Home – of a Different Variety

Letters home quiltI have a confession. I am the biggest craft-klutz on the planet. Although craftiness doesn’t show up in a DNA report but if it did,  I’m pretty sure it all went straight to my sister. She’s good at anything to do with a needle and thread – particularly quilting. In fact, I have a beautiful quilt on my bed that she made for me last Christmas.

I guess it’s a coincidence, as I rarely visit craft sites, that today I ran across the Letters Home quilt kit . Since I’d just written about “letters home” I thought it was a weird coincidence that I saw this quilt kit with genealogy letters homethe same name.

Now, there’s no way I could mahttps://goo.gl/U5mKcdke a quilt myself, but I’m thinking there are lots of people reading this blog who actually CAN do this stuff and might like seeing this kit. This is a picture of what it looks like:

If I could quilt, this is what I’d do to make it really special:

On each of those envelopes I’d embroider the name of an ancestor. I think that would be so neat. It reminds me of a quilt my aunt bought back in 1948; it has flowers with family names embroidered on each petal.

I know this isn’t strictly a genealogy post, but it was something I saw that I wanted to share. If this is up YOUR alley, here’s the link:

Letters Home Quilt Kit

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