Heirloom Recipe – Baked Beans

Heirloom Recipe from The Stag Cookbook Written by Men for Men, 1922

To prepare Mr. Curtis’ favorite food is no difficult task and any number of methods original and otherwise may be followed.

For the best results have a large covered bean pot and the rest is easy.

Select fine white or navy beans. Wash them thoroughly and let them soak in clear water for several hours—most folks soak them all night.

Place the beans in the pot with several pieces of salt pork (with fat), cover with water slightly salted. Put the lid on the pot and bake in a moderate oven until done. That’s plain baked beans.

Chili sauce or tomato catsup or chopped tomatoes may be added to taste.

Look at the beans occasionally and add water if they seem too dry or in danger of burning.

Another method which produces wonderful results is to omit the pork and tomato preparations and add generous lumps of butter and brown sugar—better still, add genuine sorghum molasses. When you do it this way be extra careful to see that _just enough water_ is added in small quantities to prevent burning.

Always remove from the oven while the beans are still whole. If baked too long they will break up. The time necessary for baking will vary according to the heat of the oven and the length of time the beans were soaked.

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