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German genealogy and MyersGaz

Just getting started in German genealogy and need a boost? The YouTube video below was produced by Family Tree Magazine and shows how to use the Meyers Gazetteer. From their site:

German Genealogy – Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs-lexikon des deutschen Reichs

This is the most important of all German gazetteers. The goal of the Meyer’s compilers was to list every place name in the German Empire (1871-1918). It gives the location, i.e. the state and other jurisdictions, where the civil registry office was and parishes if that town had them. It also gives lots of other information about each place. The only drawback to Meyer’s is that if a town did not have a parish, it does not tell where the parish was, making reference to other works necessary.

Watch the video, then go over to the site and begin your search. Be sure to use the Help section; here’s where you’ll learn about searching using wildcards as well as how to read the information once you’ve found a place.


Quick Tip about German Names

When I search for both Oteisheim and Wurtemburg I received zero results. But when I clicked on the link for Try viewing “sounds like” search results I found the places I was searching for. My Broyles family (also known as Breuel and Broil, came from Germany to Virginia in 1717, as the second group to the Germanna Colony. I’ve researched a lot about Germanna but am just now getting into the German part of my research.

By the way, the Germanna Foundation, to which I had belonged, owns land on the original Germanna peninsula, on the Germanna Highway, State Route 3, near the site of the original Fort Germanna, once the westernmost outpost of colonial Virginia. Pretty interesting history here.

Lastly – I highly recommend the Family Tree Historical Maps book – Europe. More about it here.

I hope this video helps in your search too.

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