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The Edwardian Postcard Project is an awesome site that offers a searchable resource of 1,000 postcards, together with some transcriptions. Although I did not have ancestors living in Edwardian England, I recognize the value of postcards for all of us. Read on.

Postcards for genealogy research


When you visit the site, you can search the database by any of these fields:

  • Year
  • Addressee surname
  • Addressee firstname
  • Addressee town
  • Sender
  • Posted from
  • Census information
  • Postcard transcript

What Can You Learn From Postcards?

  1. What a place looked like during a specific timeUK Genealogy Postcards
  2. The fashions of the day
  3. The music or songs of the period (some cards have music written on them)
  4. The jokes of the time
  5. The things people wrote about
  6. The realization that sometimes things never change

Re: #6, I loved this postcard that shows the crying girl. What I liked even more was the note on the back on which was written: Dear Sister, hope you have not been like this.

In other words, one sister hoping that a distant sister was not feeling sad.

Another postcard was from a person on holiday on the Isle of Wight. The comment that struck me was the writer saying how beautiful the Isle was and “quite a change from the stuffy old office”. Sound familiar?

Where Else to Find Postcards?

A favorite place to find postcard images is on Pinterest. Here’s a board for you to check out – or just search “vintage postcards” from the Pinterest site.

If you don’t find digital versions of postcards for your genealogy software, you can usually find real postcards on eBay – generally for only a few dollars I’ve purchased several there of my hometown of St. Joseph, Missouri.

Also, has a postcard collection (search for it using the Card Catalog).

I love using postcards in my genealogy research . . . and hope this post gives you some ideas for what you can discern from the time period of the postcard.

Do you collect postcards? If so, do you keep the paper ones or digitize them for your genealogy software?

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