Frank Faulkenberry Obituary

Frank Faulkenberry tombstone lone jack missouri
Francis Albert Faulkenberry, known as Frank.

Frank Faulkenberry Obituary excerpt, Lee’s Summit Journal, September 29, 1911

Mr. Frank Faulkenberry was born near Lone Jack Sept. 25, 1862. He was married in 1886 to Miss Josie Dimmitt. To this union were born seven children, five of these are left to comfort the widowed mother. Mr. Faulkenberry was a kind husband and affectionate father and a model neighbor and citizen. Mr. Faulkenberry united with the Christian church here last fall during the revival meeting conducted by Rev. Harlow. Since that time he has been faithful in his attendance at all church services. . .

Sept. 21st, was a dark, gloomy, depressive day. Mr. Faulkenberry took his wife to the home of his daughter, Mrs. Robert Helmig and as usual went on to see the mother and babe. He then went on an errand to a neighbors and about ten reached home and went with a wagon into his cornfield. Neighbors saw him at work about 11:30 o’clock, but owing to the downpour of rain no one was out later. When the youngest children came home from school about 4:30 they found their father unconscious, rain drenched, cold. . . He did not really enough to know his loved ones as they gathered to his side and about seven o’clock his spirit took its flight . . . ”

Although I have searched through the Missouri State historic death records, I can find no official record for Frank’s death.

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  1. May have died in Kansas and a death record may not be available since they just started requiring them in June 1911. It costs $15 to have them look for one.

    1. Hi Mary Beth,

      According to his obit, he died in the fields on his farm in Jackson County, Missouri. His is not the first death record I’ve been unable to find. Darn!


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