Trace Your Female Ancestors Bundle – Now Only $29.99 at Family Tree Magazine


Discover your family ancestors bundle

Tracing Female Ancestors? Welcome to the Challenge!

As our friends over at Family Tree Magazine have written, “Female ancestors are hard to trace. It’s a truth you’ve heard time and again, verified by your own research struggles.

Here in the Discover Your Female Ancestors Bundle, we’ve assembled some of our strongest material to help you out, from detailed strategies in the independent study and video courses to quick reference material in the cheat sheet.”

Well said.

What’s Included in the Female Ancestors Bundle?

  1. First, the Female Ancestors Cheat Sheet – an at-a-glance super simple reference
  2. Secrets to Tracing Female Ancestors – This one is a Web Seminar that you can download
  3. Trace Your Family Ancestors Online Course – Take this now or at your leisure (independent study course)
  4. Research Strategies for Female Ancestors – I think we all need this one!
  5. X Marks the Spot: Finding Your Female Ancestors Through DNA – I think this is going to be incredibly interesting and informative

The Discover Your Family Ancestors Bundle is on sale now through May 31, 2018 at only $29.99. Trust me, this is truly a steal.*




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