Family Story – Bessie Faulkenberry Teaching in Lone Jack, Missouri

Old black and white photo of teacher and students, part of a family story

Saving a Family Story

My grandmother, Bessie Frances Faulkenberry, received her teaching certificate on August 18, 1911. The certificate allowed her to teach in Jackson County, Missouri. The certificate listed her grades:

  • Arithmetic 95
  • Language Lessons 80
  • English Grammar 82
  • Geography 75
  • Spelling 84
  • Reading 92
  • Writing 85
  • U.S. History 95
  • Civil Government 67
  • Physiology 92
  • Pedagogy 83 (the method and practice of teaching)
  • Agriculture 92

I’m not sure when this photo was taken, but grandma is the teacher on the far left in the white long-sleeved blouse and long dark skirt. When I was a kid she talked about teaching in a one-room schoolhouse and I’m betting that this is it.

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Save a Family Story – One at a Time

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  1. My mother , Ruby Jones,taught in a one room school houseAlso! As the oldest of nine kids, she taught at least five of them. My favorite story about it is that her youngest brothers when they came into the school, she told them as everyone else in her family that at school She was to be called Miss Jones. One night at the dinner table one of the twins talked about the teacher, Miss Jones. “Miss Jones said this, Miss Jones did that. Ruby pass the taters.” He had certainly separated Miss Jones from big sister, Ruby!! (Southeastern Kansas)

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