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Interestingly I got a break in a tough genealogy problem through Emma Hendrickson.

I took a short drive up to the Carlsbad, California public library, which has a fantastic genealogy section including lots of county histories. While delving into one of those histories, I ran across a TINY mention of my second great-grandfather, John Hendrickson. It said that he returned to Missouri from Kansas with his daughter Emma Tudor and her husband, Levi.  That was all I needed to bust the problem wide open. Now I knew what to look for and where: Emma, Tudor, Kansas, Missouri, Levi.

Emma Hendrickson Tudor and Levi Tudor Tombstone

According to their tombstone, Emma was born in 1860, not 1861 as I had thought, and passed away in 1926. Levi was born in 1855 and passed away in 1949. They are buried in the Lee’s Summit Historical Cemetery. At least one of Emma’s siblings is also buried there – Martha Hendrickson and her husband Michael Keller.

Lee's Summit Historical Cemetery

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