How to colorize old photos in one click

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How to colorize an old photo genealogy

In recent years we’ve all seen wonderful colorized versions of historical images. For example, one of my favorites is the collection of Civil War colorized images (you can see the book or buy it by clicking the book cover below). Colorizing these photos gives them such a different feel, don’t you think?

I was fortunate to find a free website that colorizes black and white images in a single click. To be honest, not all photos convert as well as the one I did of my family (above), but it’s worth it – in my opinion – to just try several images until you find the ones that convert well.

I’m working on getting this script for colorizing the photos on this website, but for now, if you want to color old black & white photos you’ll need to visit this website: Algorithmia. I encourage you to use the site as soon as possible because I have no idea how long the demo will be available.

Once you’re on the Algorithmia site,  all you have to do is click the button to upload your b/w image, then let their system work magic. It really is one-click. I’d love for you to share images that you’ve converted.  Please share over on my Facebook page.

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