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Leave a Legacy of Your Everyday Life

Several years ago I wrote a magazine article titled An Historical Journal of the 21st Century. In the article, I talked about how wonderful I thought it would be to chronicle everydaylife:

Why not leave our future family an historic journal of our century—one that chronicled the details of everyday life?  We’d illustrate our “time capsule” with photographs and hand-drawn sketches, pressed flowers,  newspaper clippings, movie tickets and junk mail—all reflecting  a typical 21st Century life.  Now that would be something to leave the future.

Through the years I have kept many such items:

  • movie tickets
  • my 2000 Presidential election booklet
  • online articles that have mentioned one of my books
  • pressed flowers
  • notes about my history trips
  • GPS coordinates of places I love

. . .  you get the idea.

Since we genealogists truly love being able to chronicle an ancestor’s life, why not turn it around and begin chronicling our own?

How to Chronicle Your Life

There are so many ways to save parts of everyday life it will be much easier to do than you might think. How about these:

  • create a Pinterest board that’s all about YOU and your life – if you don’t want it made public, you can keep it as a secret board
  • make scrapbook pages (either paper or digital) that capture a single day; it may be a receipt from Home Depot, a photo of your breakfast, or even screenshots from your digital device
  • audio recordings, i.e. sound bytes about what you did this day
  • apps; there are apps that encourage you to post something every day, either a journal entry or a photo or video
  • a written record of a single day of your life; not a special day like an anniversary or a wedding but rather just an ordinary day in your 21st century life

I hope you now have some ideas to move forward in chronicling your own life; think about how excited you would be to have such a record of a great-great-grandparent’s life – – that’s how excited your own family will be to have the story of yours!

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