Bessie Frances Faulkenberry Hendrickson

bessie faulkenberry

b: November 8, 1890 Lone Jack, Jackson County, Missouri

m. April 20, 1913, Jackson County, Missouri

d: December 30, 1959, Horton, Brown County, Kansas

Relationship: My grandmother

Photo: Bessie is on the left, her sister Dollie Irene on the right.

My memories of Bessie Frances Faulkenberry Hendrickson

Grandma spent part of the year in California, taking care of my cousin while her parents worked, and part of the year in the Midwest, visiting her children in Missouri and Kansas. Grandma would have been a computer wizard had she lived into the era of personal computers. She played games using unbeatable strategies, making it a challenge for all of her grandkids to beat her. We never did. I wish I had known her far longer – she died when I was still very young. I do remember asking her about her father and can still hear her telling me about a potentially disastrous run-in between her dad and Indians.

Grandma taught school in a one-room schoolhouse, and either rode a horse or a buggy to get to school. She taught me math, checkers, and paid for me to take piano lessons. I think she had a wicked sense of humor, but that memory may be something I imagined.

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