Words and Pictures


How can you save a memory? It’s as simple as a photograph and a few words.



Saving a Memory Can Be as Easy as Words and a Picture

Family stories don’t have to be book-length or even page-length. Some of the most memorable times in my life can be captured using just a few words and a photograph. Here’s my take on saving a memory:

My mom was 65-years-old when this photograph was taken in Sedona, Arizona. We had gone there for a long weekend but just before leaving mom had turned her ankle, which slowed down her walking ability. On this day we had gone for a hike but mom said she would rest sitting against a big boulder while my friend and I went forward. We hiked on but turned back in less than an hour to check on mom. She said the most extraordinary thing had happened to her. While resting against the boulder with her eyes closed she felt a huge bird swoop down over her twice. She said it felt so much like a Grandfather spirit that she knew she would be safe there alone and that all was well with my friend and I.

Do I need to write more to capture that precious memory? No.

Family stories can be any length. Sometimes even the caption on a photograph is enough to tell a little story.

Your assignment: Pull out a photo – any photo – and write a paragraph about your memory of when the picture was taken. That’s all you have to do. Easy, isn’t it?

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