Use Your DNA Test Results in Your Research Feb 26, 2018

DNA strand with text announcing a DNA course

So you’ve taken your DNA test, and gotten your results back. But what does it really reveal about your family history? In this 4-week course, you’ll learn how to interpret your DNA test results to answer your questions as well as the tools available to make applying them to your research easier.

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“I could not have asked for a more knowledgeable and efficient instructor. Kerry went above and beyond, giving explanations, examples and links to additional information. I learned so much from her and am very glad that I signed up for this class.” – Kathy J.

What You’ll Learn in Genetic Genealogy

  • Tools that help you interpret and apply your DNA test results to your research
  • Tips for understanding the degrees of relationships and what they reveal
  • Techniques for using your list of matches to find answers to your questions
  • Third-party websites, tools and apps that make understanding your results much easier
  • Learn what those ethnicity results really mean and when they can be useful
  • Practical applications demonstrated through real-life examples

If you’re like me you’ve taken more than one DNA test. Now, put those test results to practical use with Genetic Genealogy.

Class begins Monday Feb 26, 2018. Register here.

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