Trace Your Scots-Irish Ancestry Back to Ulster – May 21, 2018

Trees, mountains, water, blue skyLearn How to Trace Your Scots-Irish Ancestors in This Four-Week Course

Once again Family Tree University is offering this course for all of us who have Scots-Irish ancestry.

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“The term “Scots-Irish” refers to the descendants of Scottish people who emigrated to Ulster in the seventeenth century to take advantage of economic opportunities. By the beginning of the eighteenth century, an estimated one-third of Ulster’s population was Scottish.

What You’ll Learn

In this four week course, you will gain a basic understanding of the settlement of Ulster in the seventeenth century and the migration of the Ulster-Scots people to America in the seventeenth century. Descriptions of records and lists of websites will help you find many of the documents required to trace your Scots-Irish ancestors back to Ireland. You will also gain an appreciation for the challenges of Irish research. Review exercises and discussion prompts will encourage you to start your research and engage with your classmates.”

The course will be taught by Amanda Epperson, who completed her Ph.D. in Scottish History at the University of Glasgow. She is also a professional researcher.

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  1. My rellies left Angus-shire, Scotland to Tipperary, Ireland in 1897-1899. In 1914-1915 they then migrated to Quebec, Canada via ship. I’d like to confirm the dates of migration and the ships’ roster/manifests recorded for each family member. How likely is that?
    I’d also love to determine my grand-relatives occupation(s) whilst working & living in Tipperary.
    What are the chances you might offer a course that would allow me to investigate this information?

    1. Greetings!
      You know, I wish I had the expertise to teach that course but I simply don’t. I know has Canadian immigration records, but in terms of what they did in Tipperary, I’m just not sure. I know you’ve probably already tried this, but have you looked for Canadian census or marriage records?


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