Thomas Knox – 6th Great-Grandfather

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Remembering Thomas Knox genealogy

Thomas Knox is another one of those ancestors about whom I know very little. As far as I know, he was born on 29 May 1715 in Virginia. He was the father of John Knox, and grandfather of James Knox. According to Geni World Family Tree:  But, of course, I have no sources for this information, although I do know that John was born in Rich Square, but this conflicts with information about Thomas being born in Virginia.

Because John was a Quaker, I’m hoping to discover more information about Thomas, who I hope was also a Quaker as Quaker records are abundant.  I did find this bit on the MyHeritage site, but it wasn’t sourced.

Birth:May 29 1715 – Rich Square, Northampton Co, NC
Death:June 27 1787 – Rich Square, Northampton Co, NC
Father:Thomas Earl Knox, Sr.
Mother:Mary Knox (born Armstrong)
Wife:Mary Knox (born Reynolds)
Children:Elizabeth Davis (born Knox), John Knox

Flash! I did find a Quaker record. The image below is from the Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy. Vol. I: (North Carolina Yearly Meeting), Rich Square Monthly Meeting. So see, I do know a little more than I did a little while ago.

Thomas Knox John Knox Quaker Meeting

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