William West – Week 14

Lone Jack Cemetery William and Dollie West

b:  March 28, 1890
m: Feb 10, 1915
d:  April 29, 1932

Relationship: Husband of Grandaunt

What I Know About William West

The stories I’ve been told about William West are scant, but interesting. Apparently “Uncle Willy” died in a hunting accident. The story goes that he was crawling through a fence while out hunting and his gun went off, killing him. The State of Missouri death records show that an autopsy was done and the cause of death was determined to be a “division of the abdominal aorta” caused by a gunshot wound. The death was ruled accidental.

My aunt Lu (Luella Hendrickson Maxwell) said there was always some suspicion around the death. Whether it was murder or suicide, who knows. I think this is a family mystery that remains to be solved. I guess I could go back to 1932 records to see when various hunting seasons were in effect; but because this happened in such a backwoods rural area, who knows if people followed the hunting season rules.



James Hendrickson – Week 8 of 52 Weeks of Ancestors

ella snow james hendrickson graveb:  February 16, 1849 Indiana
m. September 28, 1887
d.  March 19, 1929, St. Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri
buried: Elm Spring Baptist Church

Relationship: My paternal great-grandfather

What I know about James Hendrickson

I found this paper:
Pleasant Hill College
August 27, 1877

This certifies that Mr. James Hendrickson having paid the sum of Thirty Dollars into the Treasury is hereby entitled to Full Scholarship for the period of one year with the privilege of attending each and every department without additional charge.

F R Poole

Per Helen Hjetland (granddaughter of James and Ella Hendrickson), James
was married once prior to his marriage to Ella Snow. Mrs. Hjetland had
heard that James had a child by his first wife but that the wife and child
had died. She does not remember where she heard this information, or
the name of the first wife.