What Family Treasure Have You Saved? Save-a-Story Saturday

I am all about saving family stories. And, family treasures, although I have few of them.

For this Save-a-Story Saturday, I invite you to leave a comment about a family treasure that you’ve saved.

What family treasure have you saved?


Several years ago I wrote an article for the magazine Personal Journaling on keeping a 21st Century journal. In it, I bemoaned the fact that there were no diaries passed down through the generations and fewer still family treasures.

However, I have managed to gather a few . . . and they truly are precious to me. I’m in the process of photographing them using Shotbox, which is a pretty neat product that allows me to actually get a great photo of family treasures. So far, these are the keepsakes I’ve managed to save:

  • my great-great-grandfather’s straight edge razor
  • a few beautiful teacups
  • a text book that my great-grandfather used when teaching school
  • my grandmother’s cookbook
  • my great-grandfather’s bible
  • a locket
  • hand-held chalkboards used more than 100 years ago
  • my grandmother’s wedding dress
  • a hand-carved duck decoy

My goal is to write at least a paragraph about each of these, then insert my photos. Just think of the kinds of stories you can write about each of your keepsakes. Although I obviously wasn’t at my grandmother’s wedding, I can definitely imagine it. And, I have the ability to research photos of the time and place she was married as well as the events of the day. Now these are the stories that I love.  And, if I don’t do it, who will?

If you don’t do it, who will?

Thank you for leaving a comment and sharing what family treasures you’ve saved.

Elizabeth Johnson 5th Great-Grandmother

Elizabeth Johnson Genealogy

Elizabeth Johnson was my fifth great-grandmother. Born in approximately 1740, Orange County, Virginia, she married Frost Snow sometime between 1754 and 1756. Her (unproven parentage) is father, John Johnson and mother Eleanor Davis. It’s believed Elizabeth died in 1822, Surry County, North Carolina.

I want to know who she was. Did she go by Liz, Lizzy, Elizabeth, Betty? What did she think about the Revolutionary War? or the War of 1812?

How did she dress, what did she eat? What was day-to-day life like for her?

Grandma, I so want to know.

Elizabeth Betsey Ballard 4th Great-Grandmother

Elizabeth Ballard Genealogy

You know how sometimes you wish you could time travel to meet one of your own ancestors? For some reason, Elizabeth (Betsey) Ballard Snow is on my list.

Born around 1760 in Abelmarle County, Virginia, Betsey would have been a teenager at the outbreak of the Revolutionary War.  In 1804 she married Frost Snow. Her death is reported to be in 1840. Her family had a long and illustrious history in early 1600s Virginia. I think what mystifies me the most is that she married someone who seems (from things I’ve read about him) below her class. Her ancestors were merchants in Yorktown and one was a captain in the local militia. Perhaps the things I’ve read about Frost are misleading . . . but her story is one I’d really love to hear.

Who in your family calls you to do more research?