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How to Use This Genealogy Site

My name is Nancy Hendrickson and I’m passionate about family history. I built this site to (hopefully) inspire you to start saving your family stories and photographs.

As a life-long genealogy buff and author (Unofficial Guide to and Unofficial Workbook) I’ve filled this site with articles and  images to help you achieve that goal. Whether you’ve been searching for decades or just a few months, welcome!

What to do next:

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  2. Use the Search box if you’re looking for something specific
  3. Use the Ancestors World articles to discover major events during an ancestor’s lifetime and incorporate them into your software
  4. Read my article on the five reasons you haven’t started your family story project (click the link below)
  5. Check out the bottom of the page for topics of interest
  6. Tell your genealogy friends about my site. The more the merrier.

My Solution for the Five Reasons You Haven’t Started Your Family Story Project

If you want to capture family stories

  1. See my quick and easy method for capturing “little” stories
  2. How to organize your family story writing – my Evernote course ($$)
  3. How to quickly outline your book. (This is a free video course I created for non-fiction authors, but the basics will work for your book too)
  4. Sign up for several freebies of your choice.