Spring 2018 Virtual Genealogy Conference April 6-8

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It’s getting to be that time again! The Family Tree Magazine Spring Virtual Genealogy Conference. Three days and nights of genealogy, genealogy, genealogy! Join in April 6-8, 2018.

You’ll discover an astonishing variety of topics, three days of expert instructors, a cool swag bag and just plain fun. Ask all the questions you want – there will be a moderator on hand daily to guide you through the conference and help with any questions.

Register today for the 2018 Spring Virtual Genealogy Conference

There will be three live Q&As over the weekend. Join the editors of Family Tree Magazine on Friday afternoon, when we’ll answer your questions with tips for getting past your brick walls. Your moderators, Shannon Combs-Bennett and Gena Philibert-Ortega will also be offering live Q&As you won’t want to miss.

Great Speakers, Great Topics

Here’s a partial list of topics being presented:

LivingDNA by Roberta Estes
This video will cover testing with Living DNA – how it differs from other testing companies, how to take the test and what information the company provides, as well as analysis tools for working results in genealogy research

Using Technology and DNA to Find Family History by Andre Kearns
This case study will show the methodology used by presenter to formulate a theory about his ancestor, then using DNA testing and social media to research that story, highlighting applicable techniques for others to try.

The Science Behind DNA by Shannon Combs-Bennett
Get the science behind how DNA tests work, from what your DNA is and how it works to how the labs use it to find your matches — all in easy-to-understand terms.

MyHeritageDNA by Shannon Combs-Bennett
MyHeritage is one of the big databases, so its entry into DNA testing can be a game changer. Learn about the tests and analysis tools this company offers and how to incorporate it into your genealogy research.

Using Treelines by Gena Philibert-Ortega
This video will cover Treelines – how to use it, what it involves, and how it can help document and preserve genealogy research.

Using History in Storytelling by Nancy Hendrickson (me!)
Learn how to incorporate historical events and details when telling our ancestors’ stories, including how those events would provide background context to their lifestyles and decisions they would make.

Your Ancestor’s Tax Records by Peggy Clemons Lauritzen
This video presentation will demonstrate how to find tax records for your ancestors, what information they include, and how to incorporate them into research.

Loose Records in Archives by Melissa Barker
This video presentation will cover the “loose” records in archives – what they are, where they can be found, what might be contained within, and how to use them.

Searching Records on JewishGen.org by Jen Alford
This video presentation will cover the website https://www.jewishgen.org/, including what records it holds, how to search the site and use it for genealogy, as well as other hidden resources you can use to find your ancestors.

Mastering Findmypast by Sunny Morton
This video will cover the online site FindMyPast, including what records are in the database, how to search them, unique collections and other unique features.

Finding Your Female Ancestors by Gena Philibert-Ortega
This video will cover how to find records of female ancestors, dealing with missing names, maiden names and other problems unique to finding women in our family history.

If all-genealogy all-day-long is your thing, register today for the 2018 Spring Genealogy Virtual Conference!

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It's all about genealogy, genealogy, genealogy! Join the 2018 Virtual Genealogy Conference, April 6-8, 2-18. Three days of expert instruction, a cool swag bag and a huge variety of topics. #genealogy #conference #virtualconference #familytreemagazine #familytreeuniversity

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