RootsMagic & Ancestry Sync Coming Soon

RootsMagic and Ancestry

If you haven’t seen the information about RootsMagic and sync coming soon, I wanted to make sure you got the latest news.

RootsMagic 7 Software only $29.95 at Shop Family Tree

For years, I used the Legacy Family Tree software program, then, because of the ability to sync with Ancestry I made the switch to Family Tree Maker. Full disclosure: I never liked the FTM interface and the only reason I used it was for syncs.

Two months ago I purchased the latest version of RootsMagic and then downloaded the app for my tablet. Although I can’t yet sync with Ancestry, as the interface isn’t yet complete, I KNOW I’m going to enjoy using this software. It’s intuitive and has great features.

  • Automatically search your favorite genealogy records sites including FamilySearch and MyHeritage for possible matches to your data
  • NameClean finds and corrects many common problems in personal names in your file
  • Compare any two RootsMagic files and display their differences
  • Publish your family information to
  • See which groups a person belongs to with the click of a mouse

I just started using the FamilySearch match function a few days ago. It’s going to take me some time to get through my database, but so far I’m liking the ability to match what I have in my records with what’s on FamilySearch. Today I’m going to do the NameClean. Will report on these features as I move forward.

Per the latest news, RootsMagic is doing a lot of beta testing re: the sync process with┬áthe hope that the sync ability will be complete by fairly early this year. If you don’t already own RootsMagic, you can click the link above to purchase.

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