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Pennsylvania Ancestors – History & Resources

“The History of Pennsylvania begins in 1681 when William Penn received a royal charter from King Charles II of England, although human activity in the region precedes that date. The area was home to the Lenape, Susquehannock, Iroquois, Erie, Shawnee, Arandiqiouia, and other American Indian tribes. Most of these tribes were driven off or reduced to remnants as a result of diseases that swept through long before any permanent colonists arrived, such as smallpox.

Pennsylvania was first colonized by Swedish and Dutch settlers in the 17th century, before the English took control of the colony in 1667. In 1681, William Penn established a colony based on religious tolerance; it was settled by many Quakers along with its chief city Philadelphia, which was also the first planned city. In the mid-eighteenth century, the colony attracted many German and Scots-Irish immigrants.*

AmericanAncestors created this valuable 1+-hour video on resources for Pennsylvania Genealogy

If you’d like to know more about Pennsylvania Genealogy, I can recommend:

Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Crash Course Webinar (from Family Tree University)

*Information courtesy Wikipedia

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Free video from AmericanAncestors - Pennsylvania Genealogy Resources. If you have Keystone State ancestors, this one-hour video is going to be well-worth your time.  #genealogy #pennsylvania #video

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