Remember the Alamo – 1718

Remember the Alamo

Mission San Antonio de Valero, popularly known as the Alamo, was the earliest of the chain of San Antonio missions, established in 1718. Today, it is called
“The Cradle of Texas Liberty.”

The Mission was founded by San Antonio de Valery in 1718 and served as a church until 1793. At the time the chapel was closed, it had no roof but the rock walls were strong enough and large enough to hold 1,000 men.

In 1835, during the war for Texas independence, Texans took control of San Antonio and the Alamo. A year later, on February 23, 1836, a massive Mexican army under the control of General Santa Anna besieged the Alamo. The final assault on the mission came before daybreak on the morning of March 6, 1836, as Mexican soldiers emerged from the predawn darkness. Several attacks were beaten back, however the Mexicans scaled the walls and overwhelmed the compound.

Eventually, the 4,000 man Mexican army gained control of the Alamo, killing all 189 men inside, but not before losing nearly 1,000 of their own men. Only a few women and children survived the siege. Although Mexico defeated the patriots at the Alamo, their death became the rallying cry which helped spur Texas independence. “Remember the Alamo!.”

Was your ancestor in Texas at the time of the battle? Or even earlier when the mission was first built?

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