Peter Schor my Moravian 4th Great-Grandfather

Peter Schor Genealogy

From the Moravian Church in America baptismal record: Petrus Schor was born  in Bethania, N.C., June 7, 1771 and baptized June 8, 1771. He was the son of Heinrich and Barbara Schor.

Petrus (Peter) married Anna Maria Ranck on March 6, 1792. A year after the marriage Peter bought land one mile from Bethania. According to the Moravian records he withdrew more and more from the Moravian life (“precepts of God’s Word”) and “fell into all kinds of disgrace and wickedness and so he was no longer considered a member of the congregation.

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In the last months of his life he gave assurance that he would ask for forgiveness of his sins. He spent the last week of his life without consciousness and died at the age of 41 years.

Information is taken from the book, Ancestors and Descendants of Frederick Shore, written by a cousin, Leo Jane Shore.  Image below is of the Moravian cemetery, Bethania, North Carolina. It was taken during a genealogy trip in 2005.

Moravian cemetery Bethania North Carolina


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