Wonderful Women of the Family

Genealogy - remembering the aunts

Don’t ask me why, but I really wanted to share a remembrance of all of my aunts.

Aunt Lu: My dad’s oldest sister. Was strong and fearless and driven. She became a doctor back in the 1930s and went on to help build a medical foundation.

Aunt Helen: Recently passed away at age 95. She was shy, opinionated, stubborn, and loved her family more than anything else. Dad’s middle sister.

Aunt Alice: I did a wonderful road trip with her from New Orleans up to Arkansas. We laughed til it hurt, played games every evening, and constantly drank iced tea. Dad’s youngest sister.

Aunt Mary Lou: Mom’s sister. She loved to have fun, and was an absolute wizard at making absolutely anything. We lost her far too soon.

Aunt Dorothy: I remember her visiting us in San Diego – working on her tan out on the back deck. She was a beauty. Not sure she ever recovered from losing one of her sons.

Aunt Mary Ann: The aunt I spent less time around than the others but my memories of her were of someone who was kind, loved my mom (her sister-in-law) and her kids.

I miss them all and wish I had had far more years with each of them.

Frances (Frankey) Easley 3rd Great-Grandmother

Ffrances Easley Genealogy

She was my third great-grandmother and I really want to know if she liked the nickname Frankey or if she just put up with it??

Born December 14, in Surry County, North Carolina, she married John Snow December 10, 1812. They had 10 children that I know of, Stephen Isaac being my direct ancestor.Frankey is buried in the Lone Jack Cemetery, Jackson County, Missouri. I’ve visited the cemetery many times and hope to get back again next year.

This beautiful iris is for her.

World War I UK Diaries

World War I UK Unit Diaries

Fold3 just announced this month’s featured content: UK World War I Diaries. Their release, in part, reads “Do you have family members who served with the British Army during World War I? Look for their units in Fold3’s UK WWI Diaries to discover what they experienced during the war! The UK WWI War Diaries are unit diaries (not personal diaries) via the National Archives of the UK that document operations and movements for British and colonial units serving between 1914 and 1920 in France, Belgium, and Germany, as well as in the Gallipoli/Dardanelles Campaign. The war diaries can be helpful in fleshing out your understanding of what your family member experienced, as you can learn where your family member’s unit was on a given day and what activities the unit was involved in.”

Access these diaries via Fold3