Your Ancestor’s World – John Quincy Adams 1767

John Quincy Adams

Until January of 2001, John Quincy Adams was the only son of a President to serve as President himself.

Born in Braintree, Massachusetts, in 1767, Adams graduated from Harvard College, became a lawyer, and at age 26 was appointed Minister to the Netherlands. He became one of America’s greatest Secretary of States, and was instrumental in arranging with England for the joint occupation of the Oregon country, obtaining from Spain the cession of the Floridas, and formulating the Monroe Doctrine.

In the Presidential election of 1824, Adams ran against Andrew Jackson, William Crawford and Henry Clay. Because no candidate had a majority of electoral votes, the election was decided by the House of Representatives. On this day in 1825, John Quincy Adams was elected the sixth President of the United States. During the Congressional debates, Clay, who agreed with many of Adams policies, threw his weight behind Adams. When Adams appointed Clay Secretary of State, Jackson claimed a “corrupt bargain” had taken place.

During his Presidency, Adams strove to make the United States a leader in arts and sciences. He supported the establishment of a national university, the financing of scientific expeditions, and the erection of an observatory. Although defeated in the 1828 election, Adams spent the remainder of his life in public service, in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

Which of your American (or European) ancestors would have been alive for the 1828 Presidential election?

How Pie and Genealogy Are a Perfect Match

Stories are everywhere, your favorite dessert

If you’re stumped for finding family stories, look no further than your own tummy! Why not write a paragraph about your favorite dessert? Or a family favorite or a family secret dessert recipe?

If I wrote about my favorite dessert it would be rhubarb pie. But even better is the story about my sister-in-law who was visiting Missouri from California. My mom was making a gooseberry pie – and if you’ve never tasted a gooseberry, there’s nothing more sour in the universe! My sister-in-law saw the gooseberries sitting in a bowl, thought they were peas and picked up a handful and popped them into her mouth. I thought I was drop laughing and she thought she was going to get lockjaw! It’s a favorite family story to this day, 20+ years later.

How about you? What’s your favorite dessert or dessert-related family story? Leave a comment – ! Or post on Twitter using the hashtag #storiesareeverywhere