Want to Know Your Ancestor’s World? Look at a Map.

Free historic maps

Be sure to read my article on why we genealogists need to use maps.

These resources are ones that I use on a consistent basis. All are free and all are among the best resources for

  1. understanding your ancestor’s world
  2. “seeing” the routes Americans would have used in early days
  3. getting an inkling of your ancestor’s world (see below)

I wrote all of the Ancestor’s World posts to help other genealogists get a good sense of what was going on around the world in any given time period. If you think about how today’s events impact your life, think about the events of your ancestor’s day. How long would it have taken for a major event to reach their small town? Could they even read? What would they have thought of this? Continue Reading →

On the Oregon Trail with Margaret

Margaret Frink kept a detailed diary of her journey across the plains to California in 1850. Tens of thousands of travelers walked the same steps – whether going to Oregon or California. Can you imagine walking from coast-to-coast? These covered wagon women were amazing.

Margaret Frink was a covered wagon woman who went to California
Here is an excerpt from Margaret’s account of the California journey.

Tuesday May 14. We were safely across the wide and muddy-colored stream by eleven o’clock this morning. Now that we are over, and the wide expanse of the great plains is before us, we feel like mere specks on the face of the earth.

I think none of us have realized until now the perils of this undertaking. During the past week not much has been discussed but the Indians and their doings. Printed circulars have been distributed informing the emigrants of many Indian depredations. Now I begin to think that three men, one woman, and one eleven-year-old boy, only armed with one gun and one Colt’s revolver, are but a small force to defend themselves against many hostile Indian tribes, along a journey of two thousand miles.

As a genealogy-history buff, I can assure you that problems with Indians along the Oregon and California Trails was rare. As the most, travelers might have a horse stolen, but there was generallyi no real difficulty between travelers and Indians.

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