Nora Roselan Dearing – The Grandma Who Made Me the Quilt

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Nora Roselan Dearing Genealogy

My grandmother was a part of my life as far back as I can remember.

When the family still lived in Missouri, grandma and grandpa lived in an add-on apartment just off the kitchen. Later, they built a house on the empty lot next to ours. Once we moved to California they followed, always living close. And, after my mom remarried following my dad’s death, grandma and grandpa moved with her back to Missouri.

My sister, Vicki, was really close to grandma. In fact it was grandma who taught Vicki all of those skills that I lack – from gardening to knitting, quilting and sewing. Although grandma gave up on me many years ago when it came to anything to do with a needle and thread she still made me a beautiful quilt. I wonder how many of those she made during her lifetime?

One thing I remember about grandma is her willingness to pick up a pen and write a letter to her Congressman. She always had an opinion about current events, kept up on the news all her life, and felt it was important for all of us to make our opinions known.

Grandma died in 1990 and is buried in St. Joseph, Missouri.

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