New Course – Master Family Tree Maker Feb 26, 2018

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For Everyone Who Wants to Master Family Tree Maker Software

Do you want a program that allows you to keep track of your family history research in one place? Whether you’re new to genealogy or you’ve been doing it for years, this software is a great way to grow and preserve your family tree. Join us in this four-week course to discover the tools and features that allow you to manage your research.

Family Tree University is launching a brand new four-week course: Mastering Family Tree Maker. 

How Mastering Family Tree Maker Works

You don’t have to be online at any given time during the course. Log in and read or download course materials to your own computer. Interact with other students via the discussion board and ask your instructor for help during the four week course.

If you want to master both the basic and advanced features of FTM, this course is definitely for you!

Register today. Class begins Monday February 26, 2018.

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If you love Family Tree Maker software you'll love this four week course on mastering FTM. Both basic and advanced features are covered. Begins Feb 26, 2018

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