Native American Genealogy Essentials – March 26

Native American Genealogy Essentials Begins March 26, 2018 at Family Tree University

Were you one of the many who had a shocking DNA discovery of Native American roots? I was. Now you can learn how to delve into your heritage.

This video-based research course is just the thing to get you started researching your Native American heritage.

Over the course of four lessons, you’ll discover the basic strategies for researching. YOu’ll get plenty of resources and tools that will ease the way for your research, including the Dawes Rolls, Native American military records, and censuses.

Plus, you’ll learn why people talk about “proving” their American Indian heritage, and establish a research strategy that will help avoid common pitfalls and overcome brick walls. With over 4 hours of video presentations alone, you’ll get the essential skills to find answers to your questions about your Native ancestry.  $99.99

Class begins Monday March 26. Learn more or register for class today.

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Did your DNA come back with a surprising amount of Native American ancestry? If so, dig into the essentials of Native American genealogy at this online class from Family Tree University

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