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nathaniel greene revolutionary war hero

Greene and Washington – The Steadfast Two

Nathaniel Greene of Rhode Island and George Washington were the only two Continental generals who served throughout the entire Revolutionary War.

Greene, was born into a family of Quakers on August 7, 1742.

Because of the Quaker beliefs of Greene’s father, Nathaniel received only a minimal education.  However, Nathaniel studied on his own, and achieved a solid education.  In 1774, Greene became caught up in revolutionary fever, and joined a Rhode Island militia, although some members did not want to accept him because of a limp.

In 1775, Greene became a brigadier general of Rhode Island troops, although he had virtually no military background.  However, he quickly proved himself one of the most brilliant strategists in the Army.  In fact, Washington was so impressed with Greene that he decided that Greene should take over the army in the event of Washington’s death or capture.

The success of Continental forces in the South is thought due to Greene’s tactics.  Although they did not win battles, they totally destroyed British authority.  As Greene, himself said, “We fight, get beat, rise, and fight again.”

Sadly, Greene died at the age of 44, from a stroke.

Did any of your ancestors serve under Greene or Washington? Leave a comment and let me know.

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