Nancy Markham Dimmitt

b: June 2, 1840 Nashville, TN
m. July 30, 1864, McMinn County, TN
d. January 6, 1930 Lone Jack, Jackson County, Missouri
buried: Lone Jack Cemetery

Relationship: My 2nd great-grandmother

What I know about Nancy Markham Dimmitt

You know, the thing about Nancy Dimmitt that blows my mind is this: My Aunt Helen (age 95) can still remember seeing “Grandma Dimmitt” sitting in a rocker on the front porch. What’s nancy markham dimmitt genealogyamazing about this is that Nancy Dimmitt was a Civil War bride. It just amazes me that my aunt can remember someone who was born 20 years before the beginning of the Civil War.

I don’t know much about Grandma Dimmitt except, via photos, she was tiny, wore her hair pulled straight back, and married Calvin Dimmitt while his (Union) regiment was stationed in Tennessee.


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