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My great-grandfather, James Hendrickson, married a young woman named Susan Strange in July of 1870. By the time the 1880 census was taken, James is living alone and Susan is presumed to have died. Family stories sometimes say she died in childbirth. Whatever happened to her is unknown.

I have searched every record I can think of for information on Susan’s death and/or burial. I can find nothing. This is my current genealogy challenge and I have to say it’s driving me batty. Any suggestions of where I can look?

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  1. So there is no info about Susan Strange or Susan Hendrickson ….. hmmm – would it say on the baby’s birth certificate if she died in childbirth? Have records been lost in, say, a fire, at a registration office? Could there be spelling errors – maybe with Hendrickson has been misspelled?

    *all out of ideas*

    1. Alas, no record of a birth. Thinking both mother and child died at the same time. No record anywhere regardless of spelling. Out of ideas too!

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