Maximize Your Ancestry Subscription – Workshop Begins August 20, 2018


Learn How to Get the Most From Your Subscription has over 37,700 record collections and within many of those collections, there are millions of records, with more being added every day. So your searches should turn up tons of information about your ancestors, right? If your searches are leaving you frustrated, this week-long workshop can help.

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You’ll love How to Maximize Workshop if:

  • you are new to using to search for your family history
  • you’ve taken a DNA test and want to find the records that explain your results
  • you are tired of getting the same results over and over
  • want to get creative with some new, improved searches
  • you like learning about the specific collections

Over the course of the week, you’ll get 7 video presentations that will walk you through the website, from performing better searches and making the most of hints to digging into their international records and card catalog for targeted searching. Plus, instructor Nancy Hendrickson will be on hand to answer your questions and offer feedback to maximize your search results.

What past attendees have to say about the course:

”Learned a lot that will help me break down some brick walls. Thank you.” – Gloria Z.

”Wonderful course. I can’t wait to start in with all these new ideas of how to find information. I am sure this will help with my difficult to track down ancestors.” – Deborah S.

”I enjoyed the course very much. The card catalog and the immigration were the most help for me. I would recommend this course.” – Darla S.

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In this workshop, you’ll get presentations on:

  • essential search strategies
  • How to use’s hints
  • how to use’s Card Catalog to search specific collections
  • Specific collections, including’s census records, international record, and wills, probates, land, tax and criminal records
  • a glimpse at the DNA arm of and how those matches tie into your research

Enroll in class today – I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

I receive several requests a day for assistance with genealogy research. If you would like to receive research pricing information please contact me using the Contact link at the top of the page. I look forward to working with you.

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  1. Nancy,
    I am signed up for the course and today is the first day but I still don’t know how to “sign in” to access it. You may remember I am one who has never done online courses. I need step by step for dummies or something. Where do I go and what am I looking for? I keep finding more places to sign UP but not to get IN and access the boards etc. Thanks.

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