Adding to My Cemetery Pinterest Board

lone jack cemetery on pinterest

I spent time this morning adding more photos to my Lone Jack (Jackson County, Missouri) Cemetery board over at Pinterest.

If you haven’t started using Pinterest to save family photos you’re missing out on a chance to connect with other researchers – and to share with the world (!) what you’ve found about your family.

This board is all about the Lone Jack Cemetery. One of my ancestors donated the land back in the 1800s, and from then until now virtually everyone buried there is related to me in one way or another. On a very personal note, my grandparents (Bessie and Herschel Hendrickson) are buried there, as is my infant brother (George Scott) who passed away when only one week old.

I have a huge heart connection to this cemetery and although I don’t want to be buried there (or anywhere!), I would like a stone place there for me. In a way, with all the family there, it feels like home.

Do you have a place where you feel like this?

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Spent time today adding images to the Lone Jack Cemetery board over at Pinterest. Have you created boards like this?

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