John Gregory – 8th Great-Grandfather


This is one of a series of posts/images honoring my ancestors. Some, I know a lot about. Some, I know almost nothing. If you see this and recognize the name as being one of yours, please let me know!

john gregory ancestor

There is scant information on John Gregory, my eighth great-grandfather. This is what I know (or think I know):

John was born in 1623 in Stockwith, Lincolnshire, England and died in 1676 in Rappahannock County, VA. He was married to Mary Elizabeth Bishop. Their children include:

Robert does have several hints for this John Gregory but I haven’t had time to check them yet.  There is also a probate file in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, for a Richard Gregory whom I believe is my 6th great-grandfather, but again, I can’t prove it today.

I did find some Spotsylvania County record books on Amazon; they’re a bit pricey but I’m considering!

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