Where Did Your European Ancestors Call Home?

historical maps of europe for genealogyIf you’ve read my article on why maps are so important for genealogists you’ll know why I’m such a fan of this book.

From Ireland to Italy, Portugal to Poland, Germany to Greece, and everywhere in between, explore your ancestors’ European homelands through gorgeous reproductions of 18th-century maps, 19th-century maps and early 20th-century maps. More than 200 full-color historical maps, covering the peak years of European immigration to America, will help you understand changing boundaries in ancestral countries, and inform your search for genealogical records.

The Family Tree Historical Maps Book: Europe is an indispensable reference tool for European genealogy. Use this country-by-country atlas to put your ancestral origins in geographic context, unravel the European boundary changes that frequently trip up genealogists, brush up on key events in the history of your ancestors’ country, become familiar with its administrative divisions, and time travel across the continent!

Purchase your copy today and begin your European family tree research.

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Family Tree created an amazing resource for European genealogy research - Historical Maps Book: Europe. Read about it - and where to get it.

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