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Welcome to this issue of my newsletter. Thank you for any feedback – as you know, it’s my goal to find genealogy related articles and databases that I think you’ll like.

But before I begin, a shout-out to dads. My own dad passed away at a very young age (44). I sure wish I could have known him better. Here’s a photo of him with his sisters and mom. Dad was seriously wounded in 1944; this was taken when it finally got out of all of the hospitals in 1945. I hope you had (or have) a lot more time with your dad.

herschel francis hendrickson

Seriously hooked on digital downloads

In case you missed my brief note of a day ago, do NOT miss out on Family Tree’s 50% off digital download sale that’s going on right now. I bought six; some were for me, others for research I’m doing for friends. And now that I’ve gone back to the website, I’m actually picking up more. ¬†Here’s my initial stash!

  • RootsMagic Cheat Sheet
  • African-American Genealogy Cheat Sheet
  • German Genealogy Websites Cheat Sheet
  • Polish Genealogy Cheat Sheet
  • Jewish Genealogy Guide
  • Religious Records: Researching Jewish Ancestors

I’m sure you’ll find something you like ūüôā The discount only goes to June 20. ¬†Here’s the link:¬†¬† You don’t need any discount code.

rootsmagic cheat sheet

Video or Text or Both?

I’ve been experimenting. There’s a new service that can convert my blog posts to video (or at least an abbreviated version of the blog post). I’m actually a reader but I know a lot of people love video. I’m going to include one below just so I can get your opinion. I’m on the fence about it but want to provide what YOU want. Text, video or both?

This Week’s Valuable Genealogy Finds

In case you’ve ever wondered why I read and share so many history-related stories, it’s because those stories always tell me something about a period of time in which family lived. I hope you enjoy them!

If you’re like me, you probably think your ancestors pretty much stayed in the same place all of their lives. or, at least until the great eras of immigration. However, this human genetics study seems to prove differently. Researchers found that “50 percent of ancient skeletons were in graves more than 100 miles from their place of origin, 30 percent were up to 620 miles away, and the remaining people had roamed as far as 1,900 miles from their homes.” Read the whole story here.

There was also a wonderful story on about telling a World War I soldier’s story through his footlocker. Give it a read.

Over at The Root, Henry Louis Gates gave an excellent answer to the genealogy challenge of tracing slave ancestors. If any of your family falls into this (part of my niece’s certainly does), this is well worth the read.

Head over to Family Tree Magazine and read the article on excellent Revolutionary War websites. ¬†I’ve done a lot of Revolutionary War research and this article had websites I’d never heard of. This one got an immediate bookmark for me!

You may have already seen this, but I thought it was an excellent map of the Indian nations northwest of South Carolina. If you have SC ancestors, give a look to what would have been familiar to them.

If you’re into photography like I am (or even if you just like old photos), you’ve got to see what this photographer did to integrate his “today” family with his “yesterday” family in a photograph. I thought the idea was brilliant and a a little jealous that I didn’t think of it sooner!

I thought this was really interesting. A man who specializes in Civil War history, particularly of the Irish, was interviewed on a massive Civil War website. The gentleman, Damian Shiels finds a lot of his information via pension files. ¬†Well worth the read.¬†Plus, if you have time, take a look at John Banks’ site – what a treasure house of Civil War information.

Family Tree Magazine Virtual Conference

Family Tree Magazine is holding it’s three day fall Virtual Conference from September 15-17. I know September seems a long way off, but as you know, times seems to fly like a jet these days. If you register by August 12, you can save $40 off the cost of the three day conference. If you’ve never been, think about attending as it’s loaded with great presentations.

Save $40 off Family Tree University 2017 Fall Virtual Conference with coupon code: FALLVCEARLY. Promo ends 8/12. Expires 08/12/2017.

My new presentation is called¬†Resources for Visual Storytelling¬†. In this video you’ll learn how to create great family stories using visual elements. ¬†Don’t forget – that $40 discount ends August 12. And be sure to use the Promo Code FALLVCEARLY.

DNA, Once Again

I promised more on DNA but that’s going to have to wait until next time around. Sorry . . . I’m still sorting through records and results.

Until next week – get out and enjoy life!



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