Herschel Francis Hendrickson Father

Herschel Francis Hendrickson

Dad was born on the family farm in Lone Jack, Missouri on July 27, 1918. The farm still stands and is now owned by a Faulkenberry cousin. Mom and dad were married on Easter Sunday in 1940. My brother, Herschel was born in July of 1941.

Dad was an all-around fix-it guy. He could fix or build anything, which is probably why he wasn’t drafted early on in World War II, as he worked on installing heating at various Army bases. Eventually, though, he was drafted, traveled to England then to France late in 1944. In November he was seriously wounded and ended up coming home on the Queen Mary – but not until many stays at various field hospitals. I don’t think he ever fully recovered from the experience and as long as he lived (which was not long) he had severe back pain.

This photo was taken about six months after Dad got back from the War. Pictured (left to right) his sister Helen, his Mom, his sister Alice, his sister Luella. Sadly, all are gone and I miss them all.

Herschel Francis Hendrickson

Dad died during a family outing in 1963, struck down by a massive cardiac arrest.  He’s buried here in San Diego at the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery. His headstone faces the Pacific.

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery


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