Heirloom Recipe – Cottage Pudding With Strawberry Sauce

Heirloom recipe cottage pudding and strawberry sauce

Heirloom Recipe – A 1922 Recipe from The Stag Cook Book (written for men by men!)

Cottage Pudding
One tablespoon butter
One cup sugar
Two eggs
Half cup milk
One large teaspoon baking powder
One and a half cups flour

Bake in a square tin and serve with strawberry sauce.

Strawberry Sauce

One large tablespoon of butter beaten to a cream. Add gradually one and
a half cups powdered sugar and the beaten white of one egg. Beat till
very light and just before serving add one pint of strawberries which
have been cut in small pieces.

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What do you think about this 1922 recipe? Cottage pudding (what the heck is that!) with strawberry sauce.

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