Newsletter August 8, 2017

Hello and welcome,

Before launching into the newsletter, let me start with a brief personal bit.

The memorial service and burial for my mom was on July 28, at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery. She was buried in the plot with my dad.

fort rosecrans national cemetery

The following week I drove to Idyllwild, a small mountain village about three hours northeast of San Diego. My time there was spent in quiet reflection, enjoying the healing energies of Mother Nature. Coming home, I could feel my spirits begin to revive. I miss Mom every day and do my best to live the kind of life she would want for me.

Now for the newsletter.

Please Don’t Miss This Discount

If you have any interest at all in attending Family Tree University’s Fall Virtual Conference, please don’t miss this $40 discount. As you see, the discount expires just a few days from now, so if you want to go, don’t let this lapse.

Save $40 off Family Tree University 2017 Fall Virtual Conference with coupon code: FALLVCEARLY. Promo ends 8/12. Expires 08/12/2017.

Topics covered include:

  • genetic genealogy
  • immigration
  • research strategies
  • technology and tools

I created one of the videos for the conference on using multimedia to tell family stories. I hope to see you there.

New on the Blog

Two new blog posts you’ll enjoy:

What’s On Your Genealogy Bucket List (I listed my top 5 and hope you let me know yours!)

Adding to My Pinterest Cemetery Board – I maintain a board for tombstones at the Lone Jack, Missouri Cemetery and hope this inspires you to do something similar.

Genealogy Links to Free Tips and Databases

Are you using the Ancestor’s World articles? Currently there are 85 free articles on this site that cover events from the 11th to the 20th century. I wrote all of these in hopes that it would help you discover more about the events of an ancestor’s lifetime – – – and hopefully put their life into historical context. You’ll find links to all of the free articles in the bottom left column of every web page on my site. OR, you can also search for a specific date in the search box that’s in the right column, just under the list of the Most Popular Posts. My suggestion: Use these events in building a research timeline for an ancestor.

If you use Chronicling America’s Historic Newspapers, this article walks you through three different ways to more effectively search the archives. I’ve been using one of them, Elephind, with amazing results.

If you’re thinking about doing a genealogy website (I’ll be teaching that in January), scrapbooking, or just using images in a creative way, my friend Kristen Palana has put together a list of 75+ Resources to Get FREE Images, Music, and Videos For Your Projects. Although I knew about several of the resources, Kristen found some I’ve never heard of. (By the way, she’s an artist and educator, not a genealogist, but she really knows her graphics!).

Global warming and rising seas may not seem much of a threat to genealogy but it is. This excellent article tells about archaeologist’s and their rush to save history that’s being wiped away by rising seas. The article is about historical sites in Louisiana, but I’ve read similar stories about lost history in Florida as well. Well worth the read.

I loved this article by my friends over at Family Tree Magazine. It shows you how to find free genealogy records on subscription websites like I think we all love getting a freebie, so don’t miss this one.

Another item at Family Tree Magazine was the news that ┬áMyHeritage acquired the popular Legacy Family Tree software. I’ve used this software for years and years and I hope that this acquisition doesn’t do anything to degrade the software. Honestly, I don’t know that much about MyHeritage, so anything I could say would simply be a guess.

Because I live in San Diego, I was thrilled to see the database San Diego Passenger Lists 1904-1952 on FamilySearch’s July 31 list of new free databases. You can view and access all of the new databases by clicking this link.

I know you already know this – but I’m a true history geek. I am on the newsletter list from Mount Vernon and especially enjoyed reading this week’s inside look at George Washington. Among the six surprising facts was that he was a great dancer!

You may also enjoy the article I wrote on a visit to Mount Vernon.

What I’m Teaching in August-September

Beginning August 28 and running through September 3, I’m teaching the course on Photo Editing for Genealogists. This is one of my favorite classes to teach because I love photography almost as much as genealogy. If you take this course and read it about here, please let me know. Also, I’m available in the class to answer any questions about photo editing and I’ll also help you if you have an image that giving you particular problems.

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