German Genealogy 101 – March 5

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German Genealogy 101 at Family Tree University Begins March 5, 2018

More Americans claim German ancestry than any other ethnicity, which means that if you’re one of the many descendants of German ancestors, you can count yourself in good company.

I actually didn’t know that, although I have traced by Broyles family to Germany and the evidence about the Faulkenberry line points to Germany as well.

According to the folks at Family Tree University, do any of us know how our ancestors got here, or why they came? Or, do you know where they started out and what path they took? I don’t. But, if you’re seeking the answers to those questions, you’ll love the skills this course will teach you.

In this 4-week course, you’ll get acquainted with the history that drove your ancestors to emigrate, discover the importance of church records, and other records likely to help you research your immigrant ancestors. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to trace your German immigrant ancestors back to their town or village of origin. $99.99

Register today for German Genealogy 101.

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  1. Is this an online class? I can trace my Funderburg maiden name to Von Der Burg/Berg/Borg coming to Philadelphia September 19, 1738 . They boarded in Rotterdam, stopped in Plymouth England then boarded the ship “Thistle” and went on to Philadelphia where they took their “oath of allegiance “. I’m trying to find out the ship they boarded leaving Germany and going to Plymouth. And who they were in Germany.

    1. Trish, Yes it is an online course with Family Tree University. The course began a week ago but I’m sure will repeat later this year. Nancy

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