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Nancy Hendrickson on Family Tree Magazine Genealogy Podcast

Family Tree Magazine produces a monthly genealogy podcast, hosted by Lisa Louise Cooke. I’ve been a frequent guest on the podcast and wanted to let you know about my interviews on both the February and June 2016 episodes. If you haven’t listened to any of the podcasts you’re missing out on great advice from genealogy experts and the staff at the magazine.

The podcast is free. You can listen to it online or subscribe (free) through iTunes. Click here to learn more about the podcast. (You can find back podcasts on both the site and iTunes)

Each episode is filled with tips including those from Diane Haddad’s Genealogy Insider column, well-known genealogy folks (I think that’s me!), and magazine Publisher, Allison Dolan.

In the February episode I talk about tips for doing surname research and in the June episode it’s all about finding military records.  (In case you’d like a taste of my interview info, in June I talk a lot about the value of World War I Draft Registration records and how to find them for free as well as the three different routes you may have to take for Civil War records). I’ve done Family Tree University webinars on both topics.

If you’re interested in either of my webinars, or any other Family Tree University webinar, use the link below to save yourself 20%.

Let me know how you like the podcasts!

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