Free World War II Genealogy Starter Kit

World War II Genealogy Starter Kit

If your father or grandfather was of military age between 1941 and 1945, chances are high that he served in the military during World War II. (1939-1945 if your family lived in the United Kingdom). If you’re ready to begin your World War II genealogy search, or dig deeper into what you already know, download my free PDF Starter Kit. It has dozens of resources (both paid and free), as well as information on the types of militaria you can find at home or in official documents and reports.

Free World War II Starter Kit

Download your free PDF today and begin delving into your ancestor's World War II service

  • save1456find official military records
  • clues in medical papers
  • what can you find at home?
  • unit histories and images
  • treasures in discharge papers
  • dozens of resources
  • shoulder patches & medals

You’ll see the many clues just sitting in World War II documents, including discharge papers and medical records. Also included is information about identifying items such as shoulder patches and medal. Get your Kit today.


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