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One of my goals is to find historic photos and documents that relate to one of my ancestors.

Genealogy Resources free photos and documents

The types of things I frequently find include

  • photos of places they lived
  • period maps
  • period diaries
  • details about typical life in that time period
  • photos or drawings of typical household or farm equipment
  • political elections
  • in other words . . . anything that fleshes out their lives
  • a county history
  • a biography
  • photos of their final resting place

To that end, I scour the Internet for historic photos and documents and so far have had a great deal of success. I’ve created a simple one-page PDF of the places I look first when trying to find historical information. Fill out the form and get an instant download. And if you find another great resources like these, please let me know so I can add them.

Nancy's Favorite Genealogy Resources
Instant download - Where I find free photos & documents


  1. Hi Nancy.
    Have to share. Several years ago a lady that lived in Oregon State (I’m in Ohio) e-mailed me after finding my research work on with my 2nd Gr. Granduncle, Willis Cain 1875-1951. In a thrift shop in her area, she ran across a box of post cards, written between my Gr. Uncle and his soon to be wife, Emma Coblentz. I sent her the money to purchase them all! One was dated the day the Titanic sank! They were all in pristine shape, so obviously cherished and taken care of. I have also found photos of relatives on e-bay! is also a good place to post the unknown photos we all have. I got boxes! There is someone out there that MAY be able to identify these unknowns.. Post as much info as you can about the photo, date and possible surname. I have learned you have to think outside the box! LOL!

    Love your site and great information. Learning IS an ongoing thing and I stay always open to new ideas and sources. THANKS!

  2. Thanks for your great comment. I’ve found old photos in stories as well and tried to reunite them with their owners. It’s great to be able to do that. I can’t believe you got the postcard written on the day the Titanic sank – now that’s something to keep! I check deadfred every so often but so far nothing of my family there. Boohoo!

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