Frederic Remington & a Scout with the Buffalo Soldiers


Renowned artist Frederic Remington captured the spirit of the west in his paintings and statues. He wrote and illustrated a brief account of his journey with the Buffalo Soldiers during a scouting expedition.

Frederic Remington scouted with the Buffalo Soldiers
Here is an excerpt from Remington’s account of the scout:

I was very comfortable at that moment [when asked if he would like to go on scout] and knew from some past experiences that marching under the summer sun of Arizona was real suffering and not to be sconsided by one on pleasure bent; and I was also aware that my friend, the lieutenant had a reputation as a hard rider, and would in this case select a few picked and seasoned cavalrymen and rush over the worst possible country in the least possible time. I had no reputation as a hard rider to sustain, and moreover, had not backed a horse for the year past. I knew too that Uncle Sam’s beans, black doffee, and the bacon which every old soldier will tell you about would fall to the lot of any one who scouted with the 10th Dragoons. Still, I very much desired to travel through the country to the north, and in a rash moment said, “I’ll go.”

Below is one of Remington’s sketches of his scout with the 10th Dragoons.

Frederic Remington and the 10th Dragoons

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