Find Historic Records – a How-To Video

how to use archivegrid in genealogyGenealogy records are tucked away in archives all over the world. If you’ve read my article on, you’ll know that not all records are on Ancestry. That’s why we have to rely on other sources for finding historical records, papers, diaries, etc.

One of the first places I go is to local, county and state genealogical or historical societies. Many societies sell records such as census, burial, marriage, etc. It’s a way of bringing some financial support to the local society. However, when I’m really stuck, I will pick up the phone and call an archivist at either the state-level genealogy or historical society. In my experience, these are the folks who really can help with state-related records. Beyond that, I highly suggest using sites like WorldCat and it’s ArchiveGrid.

Sunny Morton, along with my friends over at  Family Tree Magazine, created a video on how to use ArchiveGrid to find family records. Enjoy!

Sunny goes past the URL pretty fast, so here it is:

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Save Your Family Stories - 10 Easy Steps
Free how-to video on using ArchiveGrid - part of WorldCat - and where your family records may be hidden. #genealogy

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